– Improve the efficiency of A/C and Refrigeration unit

– Build up relation with advance alternative suppliers for main components

– Reduce emissions due to gases

– Select main components of A/C and Refrigeration units such as compressors, condenser, cooler, ..etc.

– Design coil, shablona, circuiting, fins design, headers design, dimensions, rows and sheet metal …etc.
– Design  full structure in details, 3D piping routing in details and sizing for suction, discharge & liquid line.
– 2D and/or 3D drawings, electrical power wiring, components selection, control wiring, electrical box design, built up bill of quantity to calculate the unit’s cost in easier way.
– Production process in details with machine No. for each stage “CNC, punching, Shearing, Bending, ARC welding, Spot welding, Painting…etc.” all mentioned in details with machine No. .
– Calculate raw material, weight for each unit either “sheet metal galvanized, aluminum, copper tubes …etc.” to calculate the unit’s cost in easier way.

– As built drawings with instruction manual step by step such as:

         * General data
         * Performance data
         * Schematic diagram
         * Physical drawing and dimensions
         * Load distribution
         * Typical wiring and control diagram.
         * Rigging instruction

– Selection software to select optimum unit with technical report with your company logo and prices.