AppliedLab – Roof Top Packages



AppliedLab Software is a complete R&D department for Design with a complete lab test for Simulation of Chillers, Roof Top Packages, Condensing Units, Precision Units, VRF Units and Freezing Units According to Eurovent & AHRI specifications with SEER, ESEER, SEPR, IPLV, NPLV  & Eco design where applicable.

Cooling and heat pump mode performance calculations

Air Cooled and Water Cooled Design support with complete details 

Automatic excel performance catalogue table for designed unit at different conditions with one click.

PH & TS diagrams

 Optimizing selection of all unit main components.

Bill of quantity with all components can consider standard and options.

Dx pipe sizing for discharge, liquid, mixture & suction with many fittings (elbow 90 short or long radius , bend 180, enlargement, contraction, shut off valve, solenoid valve, filter drier, check valve…etc.) at request vertical (up word or own word) & horizontal distances.

Save & Open project with ability for editing

User can select any measurements (kW, Btu/hr., C, F, m, inch, …….. )  to be considered at starting of software

Technical and details performance report with your client company logo

Ability to select thermostatic expansion valve or electronic expansion valve.

Ability to select accessories like : Filter drier (Disposable, Replaceable Core), Solenoid Valve, Ball valve, Sight Glass, Check Valve, Regulators (Hot Gas by pass KVC, CPCE, Pressure Regulators, Crankcase regulators), Vessels (Liquid Receiver & Suction Accumulators in addition Reversing Valve.

 Microchannel coils for condenser and/or evaporator coils

AppliedLab software contains database for all brands like : compressors for Bitzer, Copeland Emerson, Hanbel, Danfoss, Refcomp, Frascold, Fusheng, Sanyo, Bristol, Siam, Dorin, Bock and Toshiba.

 Fans for EBM, Zeihl Abegg, Nicotra & Comfri. Expansion valves selection with thermostatic expansion valve and electronic expansion valve from Carel, Danfoss, Sporlan. 

Evaporators or Condenser for Water Cooled Units : form Alfalaval, Onda, Thermokey, Standard, Swep, Gea and Packless and Flooded Evaporator from “Provides & H’STAR”


 AppliedLab software contains database for all refrigerants : R454B, R22, R134A, R407C, R410A, R404A, R507A, R32, R1234ze, R1234yf, R407A, R407F, R449A, R448A, R450A, R513A, R744, R1270,R452A, R515B. 

 Our long experience and professionalism of about 25 years has enabled us to develop software for all tasks related above field.

Adding part load for compressor

Catalogue at many different conditions water in, water Out, water flow rate & ambient temp.

Training your staff with all variables & its affect on the unit. 

Add for manufacturer the facility of making & design the custom made unit which match special customer requirements.

 Allowing for the consultant and contractor the possibility of checking the unit operation conditions.

 Increase your competitiveness by giving you the ability to get the result in very short time, which increase your plant flexibility.

Output report sample
100 FA Water Source Unit Output Report Sample