Coil Simulation Software


Coil Simulation Software

Coil Simulation software is done for engineers (Designers, consultants, contractors, researchers & developers), it have all the facility required by the user with professional & complete technical reports, so we did this software for coil design & performance calculations for many applications, many features are available here which not available for any other software

Selection depending on Fluid in / out temperature or Flow rate (Only for chilled water & water heating Applications).


Amazing Feature

 -All calculation is done according AHRI410 specifications.

– Seven  applications with Chilled water, Water heating, Evaporator, Condenser, Evaporative Condenser, Four Pipe systems and Steam Coils

 -User can control & study the affect of all variables which will affect on the coil performance. 

-The ability of selection relative humidity or wet bulb temperature calculation scenario where applicable.

– The possibility for entering water flow rate or water in/out temperature where applicable. 

– The ability of selection suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage, where applicable.


-User can select easily the required coil tube size, vertical & horizontal pitch distance.
– The ability of selection suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage & fouling factor.

– Adding pricing report for coil after calculate copper weight, aluminum weight & sheet weight per coil & give user the price on a separate report. The ability of using long list rows #.
 -Determine circuit # by three methods:

            1-By calculated press (software will calculate & give the best value for pressure drop).
            2-By leave designers entering the correct number of circuit & calculate coil performance depend it.
            3-Give designer the possibility to enter tube per circuit two times when there are difference or same & software will using this values to calculate the circuit & calculate performance depending on it. Give user the ability to select either no valve or kv to calculate the pressure drop.

– The possibility to calculate depending on your preferred unit measurement SI or Imperial.

– Circuit DRAWING AT AUTO Circuit Mode

– Warning and message management which prevent user from wrong selection

– Smooth & Enhanced tube
– Copper & aluminum fins material
– Copper & aluminum tube material

– Multi fins types

– Many coil tube size facility.

– Many coil tube sizes

– Smooth and Enhanced tubes

– Many horizontal & vertical pitches

– Ability to create on scale cad drawings with all details.

– Header & connection automatic calculation and sizing in addition to manual one

– Psychometric chart where applicable

– Wide range temperatures

– Many new refrigerants data


User Manual for Applied Coil Software