Air Cooled Chiller Selection Software


Chiller Selection Software

Chiller selection software is done to save your staff time, increase your company sales competitively and for your marketing ways by allowing your sales engineers, distributors, consultants, contractors and customers making their own selection models with professional submittal easier and in short time. This program will make all familiar with your products range and its performance & specifications at all accepted operation condition. Of course that will reflect on your company sales and marketing competitively.

This version of chiller selection software have two choices one as user to make selection depending on requested conditions and software which will explore all possible solutions or performance to study the correct model at any requested conditions. That of course, include energy saving calculations with professional technical report and dimensional drawings, this privilege could be advanced for any general user. The other privilege is only for recognized designer who can operate or add new chiller model data base, equations and drawings in addition to delete and modify database.


Software Feature

– Full customer data with details for printing and saving. 

-All selection probability with desired capacity range percentage which can be selected by user easily. 

-The ability for making selection or checking the selected model performance at any conditions.

– Chiller data with antifreeze glycol at any concentration percentage. 

– Performance calculation at any fouling factor value.
– All data required for consultant, contractor and customer are found on the submittal with very professional and clear data with unit drawing.
– No secret data required only performance table, drawing and fill up excel file which can be sent to you.
– No time required from you to work with us, only send to us the final edition of your catalogues.
– Very competitive  depending on quantity.

Applied Selection Softwares with following advantages:

– The output report will be with your company logo

– Output/Input data can be customized upon your request and your procedure of selecting the units

– Output report can print out in pdf, excel or word

– Selection software to be used by Sales, Marketing, Studies departments and your distributors.

– Our company providing High accuracy, Quick response, After sales service and technical support, Friendly software using, Short delivery

– Through our selection software can add easily all related documents for the Chiller like drawing, wiring diagram, unit description to be part of the output report

– Save and Retrieve project data

– Training on the software to insure smooth operation of the software

– Friendly use and guiding the user with notifications and warnings

– Easily select standard and options/accessories during model selection

– Easily price data entry with pricing including options, accessories and discount margin for each project

– Complete with three level of privilege as followings:

  1. Techadmin who can edit, delete the components and control all data base.
  2. Salesadmin who can control price margin, give permission for certain user to show price or not
  3. Normal user who can make selection, save & print report with your company logo.

Or you can specify how you need the privilege levels

– 12 Months warranty

Chiller Selection Software Web Application User Manual
Chiller Selection Software Windows Application User Manul