Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design Software


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design Software

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design software is developed for designers, consultants & manufacturing engineers to determine the specifications data required for shell & tube heat exchanger manufacturing & control all variables which affect on the heat exchanger performance.


Amazing Feature

– User can use easily his preferred unit measurement SI or Imperial.

– Four different applications Condenser, Evaporator, Water to water HE, Water to steam HE applications.
– Designer can see all possibilities to get the capacity for application at request conditions. So software give all optimum solutions for request capacity, by give Shell diameter, Baffles # , Baffles space distance, tube size, tube and shell material, tube length and tubes qty.

-This software gives the user all configurations & specifications for shell & tube design & manufacturing.
 -The ability of selection suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage & fouling factor.
– The ability to use saturated steam or superheated steam at any pressure value request.

– All above data are extracted with professional technical report.


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design Software