AHU software


Air Handling Unit Software

Air Handling Unit software is done to customize your requirement for building your air handling unit sections, specifications, performance calculation with complete professional submittal which save your staff time, increase your company competitively & your marketing ways by letting your sales engineers, distributors, consultants, contractors and customers make their own selection models with professional submittal easier and in short time. This program will make the all familiar with your products range and it’s performance and specifications at all accepted operation conditions. Of course this program will reflect on your company sales and marketing competitively.


Software Feature

– Unit specifications such as construction type, panels type, single or double skin, different panel insulation materials and thickness.
– Coil specifications and configurations with any applications, evaporator Dx, water cooling coil and water heating coil.
–  Air filters types and specifications such as types, material, efficiency and thickness. 

– Modular sections such as supply or return fan type, orientation, air flow rate, external static pressure and fan base suspension (rubber or spring).

 – Heat pipe specifications and performance calculations with air properties for both pre cool coil and pre heat coil where needed.

–  Economizer types and specifications such as mixing and or exhaust box different position, different fresh, and return & exhaust dampers location.

–  Air washer specifications and performance calculations with air properties where needed.

 – Full fan specifications and selection depending on Nicotra & Comfri.

 – AHU total length depending on each section added as per request.

– Design and simulation of the Coils (Chilled water, Hot water, Dx/coil)

– Design and simulation of the Fans with different brands like Nicotra and Comefri including pulley and belt details 

– Design and simulation of the Heat recovery systems with different types (Thermal wheels and pleat type HEX)

– Design and simulation of Economizer system

– Design and simulation of electric heater

– Design and simulation of steam humidifier

– Bill of Quantity for the structure/profile/doors/panels for each section and components

– Costing in any required currency, you can add the cost of the raw material like : Aluminum, copper, stainless steel. Also, you can add the cost of the raw components like motors, fans, filters, and at the end the software will supply the unit price as per your specified margin value.

– Design customized units when needed