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In addition to simulation software which reflect the performance at different operating conditions which work as quick result lab with high accuracy and according to AHRI and Eurovent standards specifications, we offer also Selection Softwares tobe used by the sales, marketing and distributors. Selection Softwares done with two options:

-Selection which depending on required capacity and accepted range which determine by user.

-Rating which gives user the ability to select the unit to check all conditions to be sure that he get optimum unit.

Ability to save huge data of clients and projects easily and effectively in addition ability to sort data and easy search.

Compatibility with ERP systems of factory with its different departments such as sales offices, marketing offices, distributors, agents or customer service centers.

Output report can contain the technical submittal along with the financial proposal. This technical submittal (output view) can be modified upon request.

Data base either financial or technical issues can be entered/edit by the client, to keep improvement of the client product.

Implementation within a very short time to save huge time for the employees.

Web or Windows programs as per request.

Different measurement units  Imperial or SI or mix

Ability to add extra interface languages.

Different levels with password for the users based on the user’s job level.

Compatible with XP, Vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

Specifying the data with client, which will be input/output data.

Friendly and easy use software.

Online client training staff, showing him how to use step by step.