We can support to obtain Eurovent certification or AHRI certificate  which guarantees the performance of units, to build clients’ trust and confirm the accuracy of company tests. Eurovent certification or AHRI certificate  includes a range of programs which cater for the majority of equipment used in refrigeration and air conditioning.  It is also important to note that products which have achieved certification mean that their manufacturer becomes a Participant. So, to whom willing to certify his products, can support to obtain the certificates through our softwares.

These are the steps we can follow to help you with your certification:

  • Calibration of the calculation model of the geometry in analysis, starting from your experimental data: thermal capacity, pressure drops either fluid or air side
  • Introduction of such calibration parameters inside our Applied program
  • Setup delivery containing the program for the Certifying Institution
  • Post analysis of the data measured by the Certification Entity. In case the data does not pass the certification, Applied calibrates the motor in order to enter in the parameters given by the AHRI/Eurovent Certifying Institution
  • Final Software Completion draft.