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  • Software’s to design, build and select all components for any Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating and Ventilation units like : Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Water Source Units, Roof Top Packages, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Heat Exchangers, Computer Room Units, Swimming Pool Units, Shelter Units and Condenser less With capacity range from 5 kW to 2000 kW.
  • Cooling only and Heat pump units.
  • Heat recovery systems.
  • Designs according to ASHRAE, EN, AHRI and Euro vent standards and certification.
  • Desuperheater application.
  • Coil design in details shows fins type, fins material, fins no., tube diameter, tube type, tube material, circuiting, rows no., coil length, coil height, pitches vertical and horizontal.
  • Brine systems with Ethylene, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride or Calcium Chloride.
  • Unit wiring diagram and sequence of operation.
  • Energy saving IPLV, NIPLV, SEER, SEPR, ESEER and annual running cost calculation.
  • Lowest unit foot print.
  • Well known brands of main items such as compressors, fans, coolers, expansion valve…etc.
  • 3 D drawings and “Solid work”.
  • Training on all manufacturing processes details with exploded drawing and separate drawing for each piece with required manufacturing processes.